African-inspired ideas to decorate your home

Africa is a continent full of exoticism that still today is capable of inflaming our imagination. And if you live in a place of hard and cold winters the African inspiration for your decoration will help you to create a warmer and more comfortable environment.


The earth colors connect us directly with the color of Africa, its land and the craftsmanship that its inhabitants elaborate. Can be combined with whites and any other warm tone such as red, brown, burgundy, ocher and other colors of the same style.


Although we can not forget the black or ethnic crafts and textiles.


This hall is elegant but at the same time it conveys the mystery and the soul of true Africa.


Although it can also be understood from a more natural point of view. African themes can be included in very different decorative styles.


The dark wood furniture in a traditional style is a good example of what we need for a decoration clearly inspired by the African continent.


This wicker bed gives us that natural look we seek. The dark tones can be combined very well with some warm color but alive like orange.


Wooden chairs made of wood and rope that complement each other very well with cushions with geometric motifs. As we see here a neutral and minimalist environment can also integrate the ethnic touches.


Another idea for an environment of the same style, with a wooden bench and rope complemented with wooden antlers and schematic pillows.


African art fits very well in a minimalist and contemporary environment.


Here we can appreciate how well they complement the allusions to Africa in a modern living.


A good collection of masks can decorate any place in the house.


And the same can be said of the vegetable fiber baskets, colorful and rich in geometric ornamentation.


We can even go a little further and create a complete collection like this, of figurines and ceramics from Namibia.


It may surprise us how well the elegant western fabrics can marry African popular works.


Masks, a basket of interwoven vegetable fibers, wooden furniture and black stone. A magnificent combination that moves us immediately to the mythical Africa.


Textiles such as tablecloths, blankets, cushion covers and others are a good way to introduce Africa to our decoration.


Tapestries and carpets of traditional motifs convey the warmth and history of the African continent.


Bedding can also be a great option. And it can be as simple and elegant as this one.


The simple geometric designs, traditional in African art, fit perfectly into any contemporary environment.

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