Advantages of low-emissivity crystals

This type of glass, the low emissivity, has been developed in the last years of the last century and allows both avoid the loss of heat inside of housing as the excessive solar heat input . They come in various types, one sheet, two and even three layers of glass . Thanks to these crystals you can build houses equipped with large windows and at the same time obtain a good energy efficiency.

Crystals low emissivity 1

At present the manufacturers of this type of crystal offer a wide range of products that offer solutions adapted to the particular climatology of each geographical area and diverse decorative solutions adapted to the needs of each client. Thus there are crystals for solar control that, together with low emissivity to color and reflection, allow the amount of solar energy that can enter the house to be graduated. There are also glasses to cover special needs for sound insulation and security.

Crystals low emissivity 2

As for decorative solutions there is a wide variety of colors, colorless, colored and reflective, as well as finishes, castings, engravings, matte and screenprinted. There are even double glazing provided with curtains and interior blinds that cover all the needs of the client.

Crystals low emissivity 3

They represent therefore an excellent solution for our home to have a higher degree of energy efficiency for the savings they produce in the energy consumption of the house in which they are installed. A commitment to the sustainability of the environment and considerable savings in the cost of electricity and gas bill.

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