Advantages of installing artificial turf and how to do it

If you have a garden in your house, surely you want to improve its aesthetics so that it looks cute and well cared for. And, if you do not have too much time to devote to the care of the garden, maybe install artificial turf be the best option. Here you have its advantages and tips to install it.

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Advantages of installing artificial grass in the garden

One of the advantages of having artificial turf is that your garden or terrace will look radiant and cared for 365 days a year. And, although it requires a little maintenance that, by the way, does not compare with the natural grass that needs to be fertilized, watered, etc.; rain, snow, cold or heat, it will not matter, because it will always remain in optimal conditions. You only have to install a containment mesh to prevent the weeds from appearing (if you are going to place it on the ground), as well as to brush it.

Advantages of installing artificial turf and how to do it

Of course, to get good results, it is advised install a model of artificial turf of good quality , which resembles natural turf as much as possible. Another advantage of this type of lawn is the saving of water, because it will only be enough to water it from time to time so that it stays clean and shiny.

What should be taken into account to install artificial grass?

Advantages of installing artificial turf and how to do it 1

Before buying the artificial turf in Sumigran It is important that you know how to measure the lawn that you will need for your patio or terrace, since it is not worth calculating the width for the length of the environment, because when you deploy the roll not always the remainder will serve.

Example: if you buy a roll of 2 meters wide x 5 meters long and your yard is 2.5 meters wide x 4 meters long, you will not be able to use the centimeters that have been left over because you can not mix the hair sense . The whole patio or terrace should have the same sense of hair, because otherwise the patches will be seen.

The artificial turf does not require great knowledge to be installed, although it is not advisable to be advised by a professional. If you are going to place it in a wide area, you probably need more people to help you do it, but if you are going to place it in a small space you will only need your hands, a flexible plastic broom, a cutter, a ribbon for joints between grass and grass , a sanitiser, double-sided tape and turf roll.

  • Spread the roll and cut the excess with a cutter.
  • Join all the pieces with a ribbon for joints between grass and grass. Lift the joints of artificial turf and extend the ribbon just below with the white part up.
  • Place the grass joints in place and observe as they are. Now pull the white band that protects the adhesive and go hitting the lawn.
  • Put double-sided tape around the perimeter so that the artificial turf is well attached.
  • Finally, brush it away from the fibers and spray it with the sanitizer so that it smells like freshly cut grass.

Advantages of installing artificial turf and how to do it 2

As you can see, installing an artificial turf in the patio or terrace is a great idea If you want to save money, you will not need fertilizers, or hire a gardener to come and keep it, no products, no seeds, nothing at all. Also, you will not have to deal with the pests and animals that spoil the natural grass.

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