Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

The aluminum windows were adored and detested by many people in the 80s. The choice at that time was not as broad as today and the material had an unsightly appearance. Nowadays, this is no longer the case, as this material is widely used for its durability, versatility and accessibility.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

Aluminum adapts to any type of property and has great advantages. However, no material is perfect and also has some disadvantages that we are going to talk about today.

What are the advantages of aluminum?

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows 1

One of the advantages of aluminum It is a lightweight material that does not require permanent maintenance. If you have a house whose window openings have a complicated format, aluminum can be customized. If you are going to build a modern house, aluminum is an excellent option and, best of all, it can be painted in more than 300 different colors. Likewise, the paint with which aluminum is painted has the quality to withstand various atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, if you do not want to be aware of maintenance or do not want to have to replace it in the short term, aluminum is a durable material. It is also ecological and can be recycled without losing quality.

What are the disadvantages of aluminum?

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows 2

The main disadvantage of aluminum is that it conducts the heat and, therefore, absorbs it and makes it go inside the house, which means that in summer, it will be more complicated to keep the space cool and, in winter, the warm space. Solve this problem with profiles with thermal bridge break.

On the other hand, as with glass, aluminum, because it is a cold material, favors the condensation of humidity. The hot air when encountering the cold surface generates drops. This condensation can generate bacteria and fungi harmful to the health of the inhabitants.

It should be clear that many times the phenomenon of condensation of moisture in the windows does not depend on aluminum itself because this also occurs with PVC, but the ventilation of the environment, which should be aerated daily for five minutes.

If you are in doubt about whether buy a PVC or aluminum window , I tell you that the choice will depend on your budget and your aesthetic tastes, because both materials offer very good characteristics.

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