Adorable, colorful and vintage

Colorful and of vintage style , a house with a interior decoration what impact and conquest. For lovers of this decorative style this house will be a beauty that you will enjoy. The details that are in every room of the house are beautiful.

Adorable, Colorful and Vintage

The color brings joy, energy and make it cozy. In this kitchen, the wooden chairs, the accessories of coicna and colored tableware next to the vintage paintings next to the bookcase, a detail.

Adorable, colorful and vintage

Emerald green, a charming color for these chairs that contrast on the wooden floors of more than one hundred years, which have been kept black with wooden details.

Adorable, colorful and vintage 1

Coffee tables, with a modern sofa with striped cushions. A white library, made of wood, with irregular and low shelves. The detail of the red candlestick is beautiful.

Adorable, colorful and vintage 2

And as it could not be missing in a house with vintage style decoration, an old iron kitchen.

Adorable, colorful and vintage 3

In the hall of the house, the main door in yellow stains all eyes and brings to the entrance an idea of ​​the decoration that we will find inside the house. Accompany the yellowwood bench with the wooden shelf.

Adorable, colorful and vintage 4

In this room one can relax and enjoy. Simple, vintage and totally cozy.

Photos: Marie Claire Maison.

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