Add mirrors to the decoration

As decorative accessories, the mirrors are as useful as they are attractive. Its maximum virtue is that power light , projecting it into the spaces in which they are placed. A mirror, in addition to beauty, expand the dimensions of a room and improves the space by projecting reflections throughout the room.

Decorate with mirrors 1

Few people are reluctant to place a large mirror presiding the fireplace or a wall in the living room. This is one of the most common uses we give to mirrors, but not the only ones. There are many other possibilities, to which more suggestive and effective to play with space and light, lighting them with housing.

Decorating with mirrors 2

Filling the wall with identical mirrors is a resource that adds a lot of style and creates beautiful patterns on the walls.

Decorate with mirrors 3

Also the use of parallel mirrors, in this case "triplets" (top image), brings a unique style and makes us uncheck the usual proposals.

There are so many models of mirrors that we can choose multiple options. All of them will contribute something determined, from a play of subtle light to an incredible effect of amplitude in space.

Decorate with mirrors 4

We can choose circular mirrors with charismatic frames, vintage mirrors, rectangular mirrors, mini mirrors, large-format mirrors ...

Decorating with mirrors 5

Decorating with mirrors 7

Decorating with mirrors 8

Decorating with mirrors 9

Decorating with mirrors 10

They can decorate the wall of a room or greet us with its light from a door, a closet or a window.

Decorating with mirrors 11

Decorating with mirrors 12

And even from a staircase, creating this beautiful effect:

Decorating with mirrors 13

The mirrors can not be missing in the bathroom as a very useful complement, not only decorative.

Decorating with mirrors 14

And there are even those who prefer to place mirrors on the ceiling, creating an even more original decoration.

Decorating with mirrors 15

The mirrors are great decorative allies. Do not stop using them to give volume to the rooms and add precious effects from any corner where you place them.

Decorating with mirrors 16

Decorating with mirrors 17


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