Add a blanket or fabric to your sofa

The idea of ​​adding a warm blanket or cloth to the sofa set is one of those details that They bring style and warmth to the living room . There are proposals that allow you to combine these fabrics with other accessories such as cushions, carpet and other ornaments. We can start by adding a blanket to shelter , something that it will bring a lot of visual warmth .

Fabrics on the sofa 1

You can leave carelessly on the backrest or align it with the furniture , creating greater symmetry. In any case, choose one or the other solution, the truth is that in both cases brings a lot of style and elegance.

Fabrics on the sofa 2

A vaporous fabric orange color left informally on the back of this retro sofa in green brings extra energy to space.

Fabrics on the sofa 3

Matching the cushions , the fabric of this sofa perfectly complements the surroundings, putting the point of sophistication necessary for the style to be reinforced.

Fabrics on the sofa 4

In these last two cases, a fabric of a material as thick as the point, for example, can serve not only as a strategic ornament, but also serves as a great complement to lay your head down or cover yourself while you rest watching a movie.

Fabrics on the sofa 5

Fabrics on the sofa 6

As we see, there are solutions for all tastes and all styles, some more decorative and others more practical, but all of them help to reinforce the decoration. They are a complement that will guarantee the style in the decoration of the room in a very economical way.


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