Adapt our children's room

Inexorably the little ones grow up and the room we prepared for them with all the affection of the world when they were about to make their appearance in our lives is too small. Not the room, normally, rather furniture and decoration that was aimed at its most tender stage. Soon comes the time when they grow up and have other needs, it is the law of life and we must assume it. Now we can not decide alone, we have to take your opinion into account and adapt your room to your tastes and needs.

Bedrooms adapted to children 1

We will keep as a wonderful memory the image of your children's room, we can make a few pictures to keep in the family album and always have a nice memory. And now, to work and to remove the remains of the past, we have to prepare the room of a little man or a little woman.

Bedrooms adapted to children 2

In the example we have clearly put is the room of a little man who already shows his tastes and hobbies. On this occasion our protagonist is passionate about the sea and has decorated his room with allusions to marine themes. Subtle but precise, objects that represent marine animals, a sailor's cap, the rug with an anchor pattern, the pirate's watch and some more. It is not necessary to recreate a naval museum or a theme park, the small allusions are much more discreet and decorative. White and blue combine perfectly, in addition they are very marine colors. Small touches of red to give life to the whole are a perfect complement to create this youthful decoration.


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