Accessory to decorate your cables

Does anyone ever feel comfortable with the cables we have at home? Well, I would say never.

Accessory to decorate your cables 1

We are constantly looking for ways to disguise them and unless we make our house from scratch and have our architect and designer devise a way to hide them, we will always have them there to remind us of each look that takes their place at home.
Neither binding them, nor putting them under the furniture, as it is we never make them disappear or they look good. But for this problem Monkey Business You already have the solution. If you can not make them disappear, then decóralos, is the motto of this accessory.
The firm has devised small kits of tree leaves and small red birds to decorate your cables. At the end they will look like branches of trees and they will even be pleasing to the eye. In each kit come twelve green leaves and one red bird.
Do not believe that it is an intelligent and original solution ???

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