Accessories to decorate in shabby chic style

Whether your house is already decorated in shabby chic style as if it is in retro style and you want to give it an air of said style with these accessories to decorate in shabby chic style you have it very easy. They are indispensable accessories for a shabby chic decoration, if not all some at least must not miss for your decoration to be perfect.

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The table lamp lampshades made with lace are a simple accessory that will help us achieve a perfect shabby chic decoration.


Taking advantage of the corners to mount these small decorations with several layers are also a great idea.


Take advantage and dig the libraries of your elders or old bookstores, the sheets of old books, sheet music and other prints are a great decoration for the wall of your studio, hall or even the living room or dining room.


An old chest or a wooden chest is a great coffee table or a storage cabinet that you can place in any corner.


As you know in the shabby chic, you can not miss floral prints. Carpets, upholstery and various fabrics are the best way to introduce them. Even a canvas frame lined with a patterned fabric can come in handy to decorate any empty wall.


The wicker furniture is another element that by themselves bring great value to any decoration in shabby chic style. Here we see the chairs but also a wicker chest. You can use baskets or any similar object.


The old wooden windows are a decorative object that will look great in any space, on the fireplace, in the hall or in any other place.


The simple fresh flowers are an accessory that should not be missing in any decoration of the style we are dealing with.


A few aprons hung in the kitchen, especially if they are made with fabric printed with flowers, will always look good.


The wooden cabinets can be placed anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room and they are fantastic.


Wrought iron furniture like this headboard should not be missing either. Normally in this style we will use them painted in white or some light pastel color.


The crochet or crochet is another of those little things that are barely noticeable when they are but yes and a lot when they are not. That retro air, that memory to our grandmothers is priceless.


A bare brick wall gives a special flavor to our bedroom decorated in shabby chic, an important contrast, a magnificent background on which the sweetness and softness of the decoration seem to stand out more.


The mirrors help to increase the luminosity in any room and that factor is very important in this style based on white and light colors.


Spider lamps are also an important accessory, not to say fundamental in a shabby chic decoration.


And in your kitchen you should not miss a big farm-style sink like this one. Besides being very decorative they are tremendously practical.


In the bed or rather in the bedding can not miss the flyers. They will give texture and volume to your decoration and a very feminine touch.


The old wooden ladders can be installed in any space, they are practical and very decorative.


As well as the sewing dummies that can also be used as decorative for your clothes, as a beau at night, or you can use them as a stand to decorate with your best clothes. And you can even give them their original use if you perform well with sewing.


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