Accessories in gold for the table

The idea of ​​using accessories bathed or decorated in gold It is very useful to decorate certain events, such as Golden Jubilee and weddings in general, birthdays, anniversaries, end of the year parties and any other occasion that we need a special decoration ... These accessories will give the tables the dose of glamor necessary to create more sophisticated decorations. We show you some suggestions that you can create in a short time.

Accessories in gold 6

We start with a very simple option, that of painting with spray or golden paint glass bottles already used. With them we will be able to make these practical centerpieces in a short time. We will use them to place different flowers for our event. Another idea is to buy these accessories already painted or varnished in gold.

The contrast that is created between these delicate centers of table on a table of rustic style is intense, elegant and very flattering. But we will have to flee from the ornate and give some brushstrokes, since the temptation to bathe the table in gold is great, although we will not achieve the same effect as if we gave only a few strokes. In the image we see how creations with glitter and glitter have been used to decorate glass bottles:

Accessories in gold 7

Christmas is a very propitious time to decorate with all kinds of arrangements bathed in gold. Leaves, tree branches, nuts, candlesticks, fabrics and other accessories typical of centerpieces appear in all their fullness thanks to this resplendent color.

Accessories in gold 8

Accessories in gold 9

With few elements we can create irresistible centerpieces: an old vase lacquered in gold and simple flowers to which we add candles of different sizes. With all of them we are going to build more romantic and sumptuous atmospheres. Some great complements to celebrate all kinds of celebrations.

Accessories in gold 10

And for those who want to see more inspiring ideas nothing better than some extra proposals ...

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Accessories in gold 2

Accessories in gold 3

Accessories in gold 4

Accessories in gold 5


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