Accessories and decorative accessories in green

It is said that the green It is a color that relaxes and inspires the senses. It is the color of creativity and the color of nature. For that reason, and above all because we like it, we have chosen it as our protagonist of the day. In these proposals, green manifests itself in all its shades, which are not few, to decorate different spaces of the home. The green will brighten the corners with its freshness and vitality.

Details in green 1

It is not necessary that we decorate one hundred percent in this color, not even fifty percent, but we use it to animate with accessories and accessories, with just a few strokes. A table in green, chairs of this color, bedspreads, cushions, mirror frames, lampshades, the bathroom rug, a flowerpot or an alarm clock ... green can be present in any form, present in these numerous objects, so everyday and at the same time so vital for decoration.

Details in green 2

Details in green 3

Our bet is that you choose a shade of green and go little by little integrating small objects in this range within the environments. A very practical and at the same time economical resource to brighten the decoration of a certain room. It is very useful also if the decorative base is in a neutral color such as white, for example. But green will also shine next to other colors such as yellow, black, gray, violet, some blue ... Let yourself be seduced by green!

Details in green 4

Details in green 5


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