A white and blue Christmas

Break with the conventions, sometimes or almost always I would say, that I am a bit risky, it makes you feel better. Although it is also true that it requires great self-esteem and self-confidence. I will leave deep thoughts and go to the point or rather to the conifer (joke more bad). Sorry, today I have the funny guy who lives in the corner (of my brain) a little more loose than normal, sparkling I would say or him, I do not know very well. In short, we present a beautiful, modern, bright and fantastic Christmas decoration to fix the porch, if you have, of the house. If, as the funny one says, you do not have a porch, you can also adapt the decoration proposed to the door of your apartment, it will be equally fantastic.

Christmas decoration 1

Yes or yes, the decor This porch is opulent, fresh, elegant, stately, modern, bright, clear and fun. Although at the same time it is classic, rigorous, strict and contained. How can be modern and classic at the same time, I do not know. What I have very clear is that I love some details. The white trees are gorgeous, with their white lights and navy blue spheres and the metallic grid bin full of Christmas spheres is a very good idea.

Christmas decoration 2

I do not know if it will be just my impression but in this decoration the carpet has an important part of the success of the set. This simple carpet with geometric patterns in white and blue creates a kind of canvas where other decorative details find their contrast.

Christmas decoration 3

The crown made with boxwoods brings the dissonant note, the contrast that attracts the look. It is the only thing of a color other than white and blue that carry the full weight of the decoration.

Christmas decoration 4

Christmas decoration 5

The spheres placed in two metal containers are another great reason for this decoration, I love them. One touch industrial and vintage They bring modernity to the proposal, make it younger and more current.

Christmas decoration 6

In short, an interesting proposal if you want to escape from the traditional red and green classic, if this year you feel like innovating, doing something different than usual, here is an idea that you can develop your way. Surely your cat loves it! And if you do not have a cat, do not worry, if you like it, it's enough.

Via: centsationalgirl

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