A well-organized pantry

Any solution that gives us greater organization and therefore greater storage capacity makes us take better advantage of the space. Apparently it may seem that that does not have the pantry, that drawer of tailor that sometimes becomes pure disaster. We put things and put more things, in any way and we always think "I have to put this order ... someday". We are postponing it and that "someday" has to arrive one day or another. We will see in this project a good system to organize the pantry.

Organize your pantry 1

When you see a space dedicated to storage, well ordered and with imaginative solutions for that organization to endure and have a comfortable and practical use, my heart shrinks and I feel the emotion.

Organize your pantry 2

Organize your pantry 3

In the photo above we can see how was the pantry before starting the project of decoration and organization of the storage system. It was decided to paper the walls with a good wallpaper decorated with stripes, a paper that can be painted.

Organize your pantry 4

To get the most out of the corner of the shelf in L was chosen by a system of rotating dishes that placed on each shelf make it much easier to remove and put products from that area.

Organize your pantry 5

The rotating platforms are easy to install, their fixation consists of a round piece that is screwed into the shelf and above the tray is placed, it is screwed to the rotating part and ready.

Organize your pantry 6

Organize your pantry 7

In the photo above we see a close-up of the already installed rotating platforms and in the bottom we see them already loaded with products. It is an ideal solution for bottles and boats, everything is within reach and there is no danger of throwing anything away.

Organize your pantry 8

Different food was stored in transparent bottles decorated with slate vinyl on which the names of the different contents were labeled.

Organize your pantry 9

A full side of the pantry has been devoted mostly to boats and the small culinary library. It is not necessary neither a big investment nor a complex work to have an organized and optimized pantry. As always, it's just about getting down to work.

Photos: decorchick.com

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