A warm classic style apartment in Madrid

This elegant Madrid apartment owned by a fan of the classic design of the 50s was renovated by the designer Erico Navaso. Located in a building from the year 1809 underwent its last remodeling in 1970. Now the reform consisted of breaking down all the partitions dividing the interior of the small apartment, retrieving the old ones over wooden slat windows and lightening the wooden floor with bleach.


Although the apartment is much smaller than it appears thanks to these works of reform and the virtues of space now seems much larger. Two fundamental factors contribute to this, the light and the white color that covers walls and ceilings as well as the height of the latter.


You can also see a lot of the work done on the ground, because we imagined it would be very dark, it is what it used to be at the time, and now it looks spectacular showing the vein of the wood and that inimitable aspect of the centenary pine.


In this small museum-apartment its owner, Fernando García, can wear and enjoy his great collection of emblematic objects of the golden age of interior design.


It is amazing to see the great vision of the future that those design workers had that over time have become true artists. Those lines, that game of geometry is certainly a work of art.


The dining table with its graceful legs combines perfectly with the stylized steel structure chairs. The set formed by the swallows and the beautiful plate with stylized human figures form a beautiful combination where the game formed by the lines give the sensation of movement.


To create some contrast the wall next to the kitchen has been decorated with an elegant wallpaper that combines with the upholstery of the stools in the living area.


Of course we are facing a very measured and thoughtful decoration. Nothing has been left to chance and space and movement are elements with which we have worked intensely.


The final result has been worth it. Living in a small design museum of the 50s is certainly not within the reach of anyone, an enviable place to enjoy.

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