A vintage style loft

Whenever we go through the magazine My house we found ideas and proposals of decor in which we can spend hours and hours watching. Colors, styles and ideas that we can apply in our home and maintain our current decoration. Today we propose you to travel this loft of vintage style .

A Vintage Style Loft

Hundreds of ideas and colors that conquer at first sight. The vintage style It has its special peculiarities that many adore and others not so much, but in this case I think everyone will adore. The fuchsia, violet and roses combined in various furniture and accessories, the refrigerator vintage style , the chairs and bathroom accessories are simply beautiful.
It is cozy, bright, each space has been maximized and the colors next to the vintage style make it a tempting proposition. Would you dare to decorate your home with this style and these colors ???

A vintage style loft

Vintage style loft - Photo 2

A vintage style loft 1

Vintage style loft - Photo 3

A vintage style loft 2

Vintage style loft - Photo 4

A vintage style loft 3

Vintage style loft - Photo 5

Photos: My house

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