A vintage gallery outside

We present this proposal to enjoy the exterior of the house from a closed gallery, built to be used in the sun, but also rain. It is a beautiful vintage style gallery that has been closed with a window placed in windows, doors and roof. The glass allows the entrance of light, propitiating that the interior is maintained at a good temperature thanks to the so-called "greenhouse effect".

Exterior gallery in vintage style 1

If the temperature becomes too high, you can always leave an entrance open so that the interior becomes cooler. This place allows you to enjoy a high quality leisure, the heat of summer and the views of the garden, even winter or in the rainy season. What better place to take refuge from the storm than this glass gallery from where we can observe the fall of the raindrops covered in our little shelter.

Exterior gallery in vintage style 2

Exterior gallery in vintage style 3

The style chosen to decorate this gallery is clearly vintage. We have wicker seats and stools worn by the use, in addition to wooden furniture little removed from modernity and design. It is the charm of the rustic.

Exterior gallery in vintage style 4

The decoration is completed with pots and flowers of various styles. The lighting consists of a transportable lantern, also vintage inspiration, and a hanging chandelier: a very favorable lighting to enjoy the night and a good evening in this wonderful space.

Vintage style exterior gallery 5

Photos: nicety.livejournal.com

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