A very cozy almost centennial house

Sometimes one is constrained by local regulations and has no other choice than to adapt to the space offered. This is the case of this rural cabin located in a town in California, there the regulations oblige to maintain the structure of these beautiful cabins of the 20s of the last century. The space is very limited, 30 square meters of floor, although thanks to a small loft the total area of ​​the house reaches 37 square meters, very little space anyway.

A very cozy small house 1

And of course for a family, in its minimal expression, it is still a very small space. But human ingenuity is one of the best tools at our disposal and with it we can make all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

A cozy little house 2

On this occasion, the puzzle consists in installing in this small space two beds, a sofa, a kitchen, a washing machine, a dryer, a bathroom and a dining room in those scarce 37 square meters.

A cozy little house 3

Furniture and small appliances and a well planned decoration to the millimeter are essential elements to achieve a living space in these conditions. With intelligent solutions can be achieved and one of them is that any element of those that commutate the decoration must fulfill more than one task. We must always think about the storage space when we have to live in a small place.

A cozy little house 4

This coffee table in front of the sofa is much more than a simple table, on it you can stack books and place flowers containers on top. Of course, always playing with the color palette to create a harmonious set. And the interior of the table also serves as storage space.

A cozy little house 5

The dining room is reduced to this lovely extendable vintage table. In its folded position it serves for two people and in case of need it can be opened to receive a visit.

A cozy little house 6

The kitchen has all the necessary elements thanks to a correct choice of them. Of reduced size but effective and to save space the ladder to go up to the attic located on the kitchen is a mobile ladder of library that allows to place it to a side when it is not necessary.

A cozy little house 7

In the attic one of the beds has been arranged, a super-luminous bedroom thanks to the white color that bathes the interior of the cabin and the windows that surround the attic.

A cozy little house 8

On the opposite side of the kitchen has been created a set of built-in cabinets that allow to have a large storage capacity.

A cozy little house 9

The second bed is stored in this space and can be removed when necessary. As we said before, it is essential to foresee the storage space when designing a small room or apartment.

A cozy little house 10

Once the bed is assembled, we have two large bedrooms. Intelligent solutions allow you to make the most of this small cabin and its wonderful surroundings.

Photos: bhg.com

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