A very cool residence

Lori Dennis , a recognized interior designer and very awarded around the world, always surprised with her designs.

A very cool residence-16

Transforms spaces, and whenever you prepare a new design, your main objective is to satisfy your customers, their needs, and try to make the decoration as green as possible.
This residence reflects without a doubt, the fresh and "green" style of Lori. Mix shapes, colors, materials, lights, styles ... all to get what you want: the full satisfaction of people to enjoy their designs. This residence invites us to rest, peace and is designed to enjoy each of its corners at the right times. It has tried to take advantage of natural light in the best possible way and has worked with ecological materials.
In Guide to decorate , we invite you once again to enjoy these types of designs and we encourage you to copy some of these ideas for your homes ...

A very fresh residence-01

A very fresh residence-02

A very fresh residence-03

A very fresh residence-04

A very fresh residence-05

A very fresh residence-06

A very fresh residence-07

A very fresh residence-08

A very fresh residence-09

A very cool residence-10

A very cool residence-11

A very cool residence-12

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A very fresh residence-15

Source: loridennis.com

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