A very chic kitchen

Chic style y vintage style combined in the decor of this kitchen. The ideas: many. And the best part is that we can apply it to our home. They are encouraged to reform the kitchen and do it with this beautiful style? Let's look at some key details of your decor .

A very Chic Kitchen

Details of this chic style kitchen

  • Cabinets or cupboards and under counter vintage design. In white and with handmade details that at first glance give this chic touch.
  • The sidewalks of the island were transformed, changing its upholstery for an ecological leather in cream color with flower details. A 100% chic detail. Observe the rustic termination of the same placement ...
  • In one of the doors of the upper cabinets and the low countertop the surface has been prepared to be a blackboard where to write down recipes and messages and another so that the children can draw and accompany us in the kitchen.
  • A wooden bench very old, turquoise, is the ally to lower things from the highest places in this kitchen.
  • The detail of the poster "Home" on the main window of this kitchen is charming.
  • The color change of the cabinets of the island with respect to the rest of the cabinets is very successful.
  • The corner next to the kitchen, prepared to sit with the family next to the window, is completely cozy, with a decoration of vintage and romantic style at the same time.
  • The spider on the previous table is beautiful.
  • The natural flowers are present in every corner of this kitchen.
  • It is beautiful to see how the passage of time was respected in the kitchen window over the bacha, making that old age a unique decorative detail that gives personality.
  • And the last detail, the favorite aromatic herbs, ready to be used fresh in the daily meal.

A very chic kitchen

A very chic kitchen 1

A truly lovely kitchen, do not you think ???
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