A turquoise kitchen with fascinating details

Under the roof of a charming house located in Germany is this wonderful kitchen in turquoise tones . Small, but extremely cozy, in it we find details so taken care of that, let's see where we look, it surely conquers us.

Turquoise kitchen 1

The walls show off this beautiful turquoise blue color, combined with white, which brings a lot of light. It is a space with square shape, very well used and equipped. To one side we have a sink and the typical kitchen furniture; on the other, a mini-bar for breakfast, with white retro chairs.

Turquoise kitchen 2

The walls are covered with open shelves that allow to dispose of the crockery, the cookbooks and the most basic ingredients in such an organized way.

Turquoise kitchen 3

To one side we also have a small window through which a beautiful natural light enters; is the ideal place to place a few pots with plants that bring even more beauty to this environment.

Turquoise kitchen 4

The accessories that populate this fascinating kitchen are mostly blue, with contributions in green and brown, to match the furniture. In addition, a detail that is not overlooked is the collection of children's drawings that decorate the walls, and that gives a unique charm to this environment.

Turquoise kitchen 5

Photos: giesendesign.com

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