A terrace with pool to enjoy

When we have a terrace or roof In our house or in our apartment, it is a space that we have to think about making the most of. We have to think about options for winter and summer, but especially for summer.

A terrace with pool to enjoy-06

If you have some budget to transform your terrace or rooftop , do not stop seeing this proposal.
All the available space has been used to the maximum. A decor specially designed to fully enjoy the summer. A pool, a resting space and many plants. Functional 100% !.
The pool does not need to be too large, since otherwise it would occupy all the available space. A beautiful deck has been installed and one of the walls has been completely made of wood. The plants give an appropriate and irresistible framework, especially, we must mention that the choice of small palm trees is the best. It gives a Caribbean feeling to the decoration. And with the furniture, perfect for resting, how one could resist!
The result has been a perfect space to enjoy with friends, family, or with our partners ...

A terrace with pool to enjoy-01

A terrace with pool to enjoy-02

A terrace with pool to enjoy-03

A terrace with pool to enjoy-04

A terrace with pool to enjoy-05

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