A stylish 'chaise longue' for your living room

'Chaise longue' defines in French a type of armchair with elongated shape to rest the legs . It is a very comfortable seat model, indispensable if we want to make the lounge the most outstanding resting place of our house. Surely more than one reader has one in his and therefore know with knowledge of what we are talking about, so we focus today's proposal on some examples of 'chaise longue' with style, to set trends.

Chaise Longue 1

In this space that pays tribute to the purest 'sixtie' style, we could not skip the opportunity to put a good 'chaise longue', a piece that is not usually very expensive, nowadays we can find it in the usual and large distributors surfaces for really cheap prices.

Chaise Longue 2

Usually this type of furniture They have several places , but there is also a type of 'chaise longue' with a single square . This one in purple color is very modern and, in view it is, it must also be very comfortable. The detail of the headrest forms an example of how the concepts of 'sofa' and 'rest' often merge into one with great success.

Chaise Longue 3

For more exquisite tastes, this 'chaise longue' with vintage style (black velvet seat on metallic frame), which can be a piece of whim to place in the living room or in other nooks and crannies.

Chaise Longue 4

They can also be a good option to animate colorful rooms, like this one, with a naif and beautiful style in pastel colors, it seems to be the ideal place to close your eyes and rest after a busy day.

Chaise Longue 5

Or this proposal for modernist salons with more exclusive and personal details, where the 'chaise longue' is going to become an essential piece to accompany the rest of accessories.

Chaise Longue 6

Photos: quakerrose.com ; decorpad.com

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