A stylish baby room

The 'nursery' is in fashion, preparing the room for the baby is a rewarding task that will keep you busy during pregnancy. It is clear that you want the best and the most beautiful thing for your baby but you have to keep a cool head and also think a lot about functionality. Keep in mind that you will spend many hours in this room and the more comfortable it is for you and your baby, much better.


It calls the attention, before the apparent sobriety of the room, the golden lamp of geometric design. The crib also looks good among the light colors that decorate the 'nursery' is simple design and is made with untreated birch mader.


The reading corner is something special and should never be missing in any children's room. The time will come for the baby to take advantage of the books and in the meantime the brothers, if there are any, can have fun with them while you take care of your little one.


The corner for the chair where you will cradle your baby, you will give him to suckle or his bottles is also a must. Here we see what you will need, nothing more, nothing less, a comfortable armchair, an auxiliary table to pose the tools and a comfortable footrest.


The walls of the baby's room are a good place to expose the family's skills. In this image we see ideas that family members have chosen.


This beautiful vintage chest of drawers is also a fundamental element. It is important to have a good piece of furniture to store baby clothes and what better to be emblematic so that it stands out.


To finish off the effect of the dresser, a chord decoration, a vintage-style mirror and some nice accessories have been chosen, such as the toolbox used to organize the diapers.

Via: Popsugar.com

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