A stylish apartment in Manhattan

A one-room apartment or studio is always a great challenge for an interior decorator. Making fit in only space and also reduced everything necessary for the life of a person is a really complex task. And doing it with elegance and style has enormous merit. In this study from Manhattan, New York, LABLstudio has managed to create a fantastic place to live in very few square meters .

Luxurious apartment 1

Here the designers have managed to fit in the same physical space the different vital areas that a person needs to live. They have done it in addition to an elegant and natural way. Achieving that purpose without the final result having the appearance of a hotel room is what I find most commendable.

Luxurious apartment 2

The bedroom occupies an important space but it integrates very well thanks to the correct choice of furniture colors and walls. The dresser or dresser is a great choice because it has the look and functionality of both pieces of furniture.

Luxurious apartment 3

Great lessons can be learned from the decorations of this type of apartment, conclusions that we can then extrapolate to other larger houses. We strive to compartmentalize the spaces, sometimes excessively, with what we end up losing utility. Using a space for different uses will allow us to take more advantage of the space we have available.

Luxurious apartment 4

The living area has a sofa that integrates perfectly with the rest of the neutral tones of the decoration. Some touches of color break time that excessive monotony of neutral colors.

Luxurious apartment 5

A small but complete kitchen allows the inhabitant of the studio to realize their own culinary elaborations without scarcely subtracting vital space.

Luxurious apartment 6

Luxurious apartment 7

Sleeping, resting, having fun, cooking and eating are just some of the basic activities that can be done in this small but stylish apartment. You can even work on the small desk.

Luxurious apartment 8

Luxurious apartment 9

A classic apartment completely renovated and updated to allow a person to live with dignity in a place as characteristic and exclusive as the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Luxurious apartment 10

The bathroom, small, like everything in this apartment fulfills its function. A place to live with style and without having to give up any of the usual comforts to which we are accustomed.

Photos: casasugar.com

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