A study converted into a bohemian dwelling

This study in Sao Paulo (Brazil) has been reformed by the architect tandem Filipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa, taking advantage of its large surface area of ​​140 square meters. The idea has been to create the house in an open space, demolishing unnecessary walls and walls for this project. The result is a loft full of charm where each area shines on its own.


A bohemian style house 01

The loading columns are reminiscent of those of an industrial building, but this, instead of giving a cold look to the house, gives it a special aura. The interior is simple and has been dispensed with a marked decoration, thus unifying the whole but at the same time giving each side its own personality, making it a little independent of the rest.

A bohemian style house 03

A bohemian style house 02

The kitchen is perhaps the most modern area, with contemporary equipment and furniture. The rest recreates a rustic atmosphere with a lot of charm, proliferating wooden furniture and really simple little resting places, taking advantage of the basics. Highlights the impressive shelf that covers an entire wall, suitable to place all our childhood memories, books, records and other personal belongings. It is true that we do not see some parts of the house (the bathroom, for example), but we do not doubt that, if they follow the same trend, they are ideal for those who like to live simply and in harmony, in this house that still has the trace of what was an old gallery. A modern space for lovers of bohemian life.

A bohemian style house 04

A bohemian style house 05

Photos: hogarismo.es

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