A spacious and practical loft in Japan

This very modern loft in Kyoto (Japan) stands out for the spaciousness of its space and an unbeatable use of habitable square meters. The two floors in which it is divided seem to merge very well, giving way to a more modern and stylized housing concept, and also very minimalist, as we will see.

Modern and minimalist loft 1

The good thing about lofts (at least the ones that we mention here) is that they all have a privileged orientation that fills the interior with natural light. To this we add the large windows they have, or those glazed roofs that submerge their inhabitants in a habitat one hundred percent natural and bright. And we all like to live in sunny places and receive as much light as possible. Therefore, in this loft, a very effective solution has been devised so that the bathroom itself receives light: glazing the interior, although due to its location on the top floor and being semi-hidden, intimacy is perfectly guaranteed.

Modern and minimalist loft 2

Another remarkable detail is the design staircase that connects both floors, as well as the small mobile footbridge that allows, once we are on the top floor, "lift the bridge" and isolate us from the lower floor. For the bedrooms, separations have been created by curtains; this also allows us to isolate ourselves from the light at a given moment.

Modern and minimalist loft 3

With the right furniture and a discreet, practical and simple decoration, at the same time as modern, a modern and comfortable living space has been established, very much in keeping with the present times.

Modern and minimalist loft 4

Photos: trendland.com

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