A spacious and industrial loft

The design of this spacious loft at the hands of the Israeli studio Studio Aiko Its main objective was to create a house equipped, mainly, in neutral tones and also neutral aspect. By neutral we refer to a uniform design in which no aspect stands out more than another, a design based on a rather cold color range, based above all on the homogeneity of gray.

Industrial style loft 1

A design absolutely consistent with the space in which it is located, if we see it that way, since the house stands in an industrial-style loft with two floors. The exposed brick walls and large steel tubes typical of structures of this type, once an industrial building, enhance the feeling of being inside an old factory or warehouse, a place out of the ordinary.

Industrial style loft 2

Industrial style loft 3

However, despite the apparent coldness, we are facing a house fully equipped with the essential, which have created very cozy and comfortable corners. In addition, the vast space is used in an excellent manner, creating "well-served" areas of each other, their own spaces within the same multidisciplinary space.

Industrial style loft 4

There is a lot of wood and a lot of white, paintings decorating the walls and stylized columns that support such a large structure. In general, the space transmits a lot of tranquility and tranquility, making this a very interesting place to live.

Industrial style loft 5

Photos: studio-aiko.com

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