A space for laundry in the kitchen

One of the areas of the house to which, as far as decoration is concerned, less attention is usually paid is the laundry area. Traditionally this is the place for the washing machine, the dryer or the drying rack, that is to say, the tasks of "doing the laundry". However, as we have seen in other articles, this does not stop being a space to which you can take much advantage to have it also beautiful. One of the ways of not leaving it aside is by integrating this space inside the kitchen itself.

The laundry in the kitchen 1

The following proposals integrate the own zone of the laundry in the kitchen, as we are going to see. The essential thing in this case will be to have a closet nearby to store cleaning products.

The laundry in the kitchen 2

The laundry in the kitchen 3

Depending on the house itself, the part dedicated to the laundry does not have to be separated from the rest of the house, but can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen. Other homes, for example, include the laundry room inside the bathroom, although, for security reasons, it is not usually convenient to have appliances next to the bathtub. On the other hand, a laundry in the kitchen is not out of place and can be integrated very well with the rest of the appliances that make up our cooking space.

The laundry in the kitchen 4

A basic solution to save space is to take advantage, if you have a good cupboard, part of that hole to store items such as towels, for example, or own utensils for laundry: detergent, fabric softener, clothespins, etc.

The laundry in the kitchen 5

It is already very common to find the washing machine under the sink, located next to the dishwasher. As we say, in many modern homes this is usually the usual disposition, while in others the laundry room has its own room, which also allows you to establish your own space for these issues in a very practical way like the one shown in the images.

The laundry in the kitchen 6

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