A small orange loft

This little one loft He has been the protagonist of a recent renovation. Small in size but big in solutions, this small loft of only 58 square meters is a charm. A lovely house where now the Orange it is the guiding thread, the brushstroke of life that makes a sober and basic space become a cry of life.

Apartment decorated in orange 1

Whites, grays and creams are enhanced with the use of Orange . A warm and saturated color to give a new sense to the decoration, younger and more pleasant.

Apartment decorated in orange 2

The bedroom installed in the loft makes the small loft it is even wide in the lower open and bright area.

Apartment decorated in orange 3

Metal and glass on the table and white chairs and a thick orange carpet form the dining room of the house. The famous photo of Robert Doisneau "Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville" to large size, adorns the wall.

Apartment decorated in orange 4

The white shelving is responsible for maintaining order, collect all those elements that always want to escape and run around the house. The white furniture on white wall is perfect for small spaces, camouflage and not steal prominence.

Apartment decorated in orange 5

Under the loft is the kitchen, with the furniture in a spectacular bright orange, which still occupying the less bright area of ​​the loft is a flash of attractive and bold light.

Apartment decorated in orange 6

Apartment decorated in orange 7

Apartment decorated in orange 8

From above, in the bedroom, you can see the general layout of the loft. Lounge and dining area facing each other make it possible for friends to meet even in a small space.

Apartment decorated in orange 9

The bathroom covered with black tiles and white joints, forming a nice linear design effect.

Apartment decorated in orange 10

The bedroom located in the loft, takes advantage of the high ceilings of the loft. Thus the rest of the house is more spacious and spacious. Precious the transparent and silver lamps of the bedside tables.

Photos: shoeboxdwelling.com

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