A small loft in London

This loft located in London has been designed by Design Craft and has only 56 square meters of floor space. The small house had to be converted into a space to live with all the necessary comforts was simply great. Thanks to the intelligent design the loft has a bedroom, living room, work area and storage.

Design loft 1

The white loft is divided into two areas, one of which is a kitchen-dining room and the other is a living room. The dividing line between the two zones is a cubic construction that includes in its outer part storage area, a bedroom in the upper part of it and a small work area. The access to the bedroom is skillfully achieved by taking advantage of the shelf furniture as a staircase. And inside this cubic construction contains the bathroom of the house.

Design loft 2

Design loft 3

The floors are covered in light wood and contrast nicely with the walls and white furniture of the house. The front of the kitchen in black adds a bit of depth and contrast to the immense whiteness.

Design loft 4

Design loft 5

It is a planned and planned house, everything is perfectly designed to allow a comfortable life in a very small space. Amplitude, clarity and light are the most important elements of the house.

Design loft 6

Design loft 7

It has been known to use intelligently the virtues of housing, the height of the roof that is one of its great strengths has made it possible to work at height to get wide and fluid spaces with the limited available surface.

Design Loft 8

Design loft 9

The bedroom fitted on the cubic module allows you to benefit from this magnificent sloping roof with its skylights. Like sleeping in the field watching the stars.

Design loft 10

Design loft 11

A wonderful house wonderfully decorated, an example of what a good group of designers can get. Professionals who notice with their eyes what the laymen can not even imagine.

Photos: interiorholic.com

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