A small but stylish apartment

Decorators must adapt to the space available in a specific home. Logically everyone will feel more comfortable working with a larger or smaller space. Small apartments are always a great challenge for a decorator. They must sharpen their ingenuity to find the perfect combination of beauty and pragmatism.

Deco of a small apartment 1

One way to achieve this is that the dependencies in which the apartment is divided fulfill more than one function each. A good example we have in the image above, day office and bedroom at night. It is a very useful combination but in this particular case it has been resolved in a very harmonious and elegant way. If you notice, you will see that the wall behind the desk is painted in elegant white and gray stripes that ascend the ceiling to the opposite wall. There they end up next to the soft butter color with which the wall was painted next to the bed. In this way, it is possible to distinguish very well the areas dedicated to each task.

Deco of a small apartment 2

Always, no matter how small an apartment, we can find a corner to create a very interesting surprise effect. This small hall has been decorated with that purpose. It is very small but it is very attractive with that geometric black and white decoration, the red armchair with upholstery matching the wall and that magnificent mirror with a golden frame.

Deco of a small apartment 3

Another typical combined use in small apartments is that in the living room you reserve a space as a dining room. You can always differentiate both areas, even if only with a bookstore or an indoor floor. But it is also essential to choose furniture that can perform its functions in both areas. Above the dining tables as you see are not exclusive to her, there are chairs with arms that can be used in the living area and even a footrest. In this way we do not accumulate a disproportionate number of furniture in the same room and we have a solution for every need.

Deco of a small apartment 4

The color white is a great ally in small spaces but some people may seem too cold. Its qualities in creating a sense of space are indisputable, so if we want some color we can add suitable accessories for it. A chair upholstered with a very colorful fabric, colorful and striking paintings and bedding can also be an excellent way to add color to a bedroom decorated in white.

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