A small bathroom can also have style

For having a small bathroom we should not give up style and elegance in its decoration. As you will see in the images that make up this article, this is a verifiable fact. Maybe we should try a bit more with a small bathroom, especially when fitting the equipment we want to equip it with, but as far as decoration is concerned, you just have to pay a little attention to its particular dimensions.

Small bathrooms 1

But nothing of the other world, simply that there is to be more pending of the sizes and proportions of the elements that we want to use in the decoration of our small bathroom so that it is well coqueto. And of course it also has its advantages, to a smaller size, less expenditure on materials. The bathroom in the image above has a fantastic coating that perhaps in a larger space would be very expensive.

Small bathrooms 2

Small bathrooms 3

Small bathrooms 4

In a bathroom of reduced size the white color or any clear tone that increases the luminosity is imposed, especially if it has little natural light. Choosing furniture with little volume is another good way to fill as little space as possible.

Small bathrooms 5

Small bathrooms 6

Small bathrooms 7

A bathroom, by force, must be equipped with some essential elements, sink, toilet and in most cases shower. The market offers us a wide range of these elements and within our aesthetic preferences it is convenient that we opt for the smaller ones so that they occupy the least possible space.

Small bathrooms 9

Small bathrooms 10

Small bathrooms 11

Small bathrooms 12

To separate the shower or bathtub from the rest of the bathroom, it is convenient to use transparent glass that, apart from being practical, makes the gaze find no obstacles and gives us a feeling of spaciousness. And if we are going to use a wall better than a wall that does not exceed half the height of the room.

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