A small bathroom can also have style

Many people think that if they had a bigger house it would be prettier, more elegant and their life would be happier. It is one more way of deceiving oneself, our mind plays us those tricks constantly. The beautiful, elegant and harmonious is not in relation to size and much less in decoration. Let's see a few examples of small but stylish bathrooms. Actually, a bathroom have style and be elegant only depends on the owner.

Small bathrooms 1

Surely we all have a friend, friend or acquaintance who admire his simple elegance, any garment that suits them, decorating their houses with four things and we instead have to break our heads or wallets to get something similar. We have to start from the simplicity, in many occasions it is the best way to get a decoration with a lot of claw without having to invest a lot.

Small bathrooms 2

But not only that, also the sophistication can be in its right measure a good contribution even for spaces as small as the one in the top photo. Everything will depend on ourselves, as we already know personalization is the best form of decoration that exists. Our space must speak for us and be an expression of our way of being.

Small bathrooms 3

Small bathrooms 4

The rest is basically looking, taking ideas and see if we can move them to our particular space. And do not forget something very important, we should feel comfortable with the decoration but it will never transmit calmness and we will always have the feeling that something is missing.

Small bathrooms 5

Although personally I always prefer the feeling that something is missing in the decoration of my house to feel that something is left over. But that is very personal and everyone should stick to their character.

Small bathrooms 6

Small bathrooms 7

In small bathrooms the fundamental thing is light and we will empower it in all possible ways, light colors and mirrors. In addition the white color is very suitable because it enlarges the look and gives us the feeling that the bathroom is larger than it is.

Small bathrooms 8

Small bathrooms 9

Small bathrooms 10

I would recommend starting with a simple line decoration and adding accessories that we like but constantly controlling the desire to accumulate things, a defect more widespread than we think and in which at one time or another almost all have fallen.

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