A small apartment with 24 rooms

In Hong Kong, as in other cities of the world, space is what is missing and when it comes to making the most of them, we look for and test the options that are. Many times, those available options are not enough.


That's what happened to architect Gary Chang.
Gary Chang, lives in the city of Hong Kong, a city where space is expensive and therefore have a small apartment is very expensive.
Overwhelmed by the problems that the lack of space caused him, Gary decided to redesign his apartment and ensure that all his furniture, appliances, clothes, etc. could be together even when he had little space.
Gary Chang managed to transform a small apartment of 344 sq. ft. in an innovative design that allows you to have 24 rooms all in one.
Yes, it seems incredible ... but it is. All just moving panels. It has bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, library, living ... everything at all in so little space. Gary calls her " Domestic Transformer " Its design in addition to making the most of the space makes it one of the most ecological designs in the world.
We invite you to meet her ...

Source: PlanetGreen.com

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