A simple geometry that hides a spectacular interior

The Limantos residence is a clear example of a wise combination of open space and perfect safeguarding of the privacy of its inhabitants. The house has been designed by the architecture studio of Fernanda Marques and has a clear influence of a classic like Mies van der Rohe . This marvel rises on a plot of São Paulo, Brazil.


The structure of the house is very simple and is based on simple cubic volumes. What most attracts at first sight is the wonderful interrelation between the house and the surroundings. The inside-out concepts are diluted in the common areas of the house. On the other hand, the private areas, the bedrooms, are perfectly isolated.


The living room or living room is a huge open space with all glass walls, except the inside of the house. A bright space and from which to admire the fantastic garden.


The French doors that open onto the terrace can be completely opened and then the inside-out separation disappears. The living room extends to merge with the outside terrace. On the right we can see one of the stairs that connect the ground floor with the upper or private area.


But it is not the only one, in another wing of the house there is another staircase, this one normal, which also communicates with the upper floor where the bedrooms are located.


In this view you can see the beautiful spiral staircase. A truly wonderful home and certainly enviable.


Here we can appreciate the dining room that communicates with the living room through a small hallway. A very well thought out distribution that allows you to enjoy open spaces and privacy when you need it.


Outside there is a huge terrace with a nice natural looking pool. A perfect place to relax and do some exercise.

Photos: freshome.com

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