A shade of gray for each room

Before colors like Gray and the beige seemed neutral colors typical of institutional buildings, hospitals and schools, for example. They did not seem apt to decorate a home. However, now they have become essential for many decorators. The gray in all its nuances is being used a lot for decoration, it is a neutral color that admits a great variety of tones.

Decorate with the gray color 1

A room decorated in various shades of gray is very suitable for relaxation and rest. It is also a very elegant color and brings a touch of class and distinction to any decor .

Decorate with gray 2

In this dining room the Gray It acts as a backdrop, clear on the walls and stronger for the curtains. It combines perfectly with the white moldings and the black stair railing. The dark wood floor, the white and classic air chairs next to the gray background convey sophistication and style.

Decorate with gray 3

Gray when mixed with lavender, pink or yellow transforms into a "feminine" color that can line the walls of any bedroom. The truth is that any color can have a gray tone or on the contrary the gray can be enriched with any other color.

Decorate with gray color 4

The gray with shades of other colors is perfect for the rooms, there are very soft, quiet and relaxing environments. Just what you have to always look for in the bedrooms.

Decorate with gray 5

In this living room you can see how well it combines gray with bright colors such as green, also with coral, blue and turquoise that bring a cheerful and vivid note to the fashionable neutral color.

Photos: decoist.com

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