A shabby chic beach house

The Shabby Chic style It is one of the most adept in the world and as such we can see thousands and thousands of proposals decor made with this style as a base. Today, I found this Beach house what I want to share with all of you

Shabby Chic Beach House

With the colors green water, turquoise and sky blue as a base next to the classic and bright white color, this residence has details in all its environments that not only transmit the tranquility and peace that the sea offers to enter through all its openings, but also the sensation to feel at ease and at home from just seeing her.
The designs of flowers and leaves are present in the textures of the fabrics used. The furniture combines classic and modern styles and natural light is responsible for giving life to all the details.
Observe the room and the dining room. The details of the hall and the warmth of its rooms ...

Shabby Chic Style Home

Shabby Chic Style Home - Photo 2

Shabby Chic Style House 1

Shabby Chic Style Home - Photo 3

Shabby Chic Style House 2

Shabby Chic House - Photo 4

Shabby Chic Style House 3

Shabby Chic Style Home - Photo 5

Shabby Chic Style House 4

Shabby Chic House - Photo 6

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