A selection of incredible shelves

In every home, a set of shelves where you can place your books library particular. It is a way to save space in the home and, at the same time, to customize the different environments that make it up. In recent years, the classic straight wooden shelves have been displaced by other proposals as imaginative and resolved as those shown below.

Any of these prototypes may well serve as a source of inspiration if you need ideas to design your own home library and decide to dispense with more classic structures, opting for avant-garde models.

Design shelves 1

This example of a very urban bookshelf with a industrial air It will help you take advantage of the structure of an air pipe as a support to place your favorite bedside books.

Design shelves 2

This other shelf integrated into the wall offers a modern and impeccable look.

Design shelves 3

Example of geometric tower so as not to lose balance.

Design shelves 4

The youngest of the house will enjoy this tree-shaped ledge.

Design shelves 5

Original idea in the form of spiral to place bottles, books or any other object.

Design shelves 6

Made of classic wood, this work table integrates everything you need to always have at hand the material you need without having to get up.

Design shelves 7

And what do you think about this suggestive mosaic of letters?

Design shelves 8

This structure plays with the minimization of spaces in a very effective way. Below we present a comfortable sofa proposal incorporated in the shelf itself. Next, a model of labyrinthine inspiration ideal for large surfaces.

Design shelves 9

Design shelves 10

Photos: boredpanda.com

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