A school bus transformed into a mobile home

Hank is a student of architecture tired of drawing fictitious buildings for clients no less unreal and with proposals that he did not quite understand. So he launched the adventure in all its aspects, decided to create an architectural project with which to travel with family and friends. A real project, really, that can be touched and that is building little by little.

From school bus to housing 1

As we say the project is in full completion and hence there are still many things missing in this mobile home or are provisional. The interior has been completely built in wood and has basic services, sink, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and an extraordinary amount of storage space. We are surprised by this young student of architecture with the amount of space that can be had to store things in only 21 square meters that measures the living area of ​​this school bus.

From school bus to housing 2

Hank is a discreet young man who avoids the shrillness, so he has painted the outside of the bus in a neutral gray tone to go unnoticed. Although with that color and the classic design of the vehicle, it has taken a certain penitentiary air. Pure industrial style, no doubt.

From school bus to house 3

Hank has had the worry of doing all the work of adapting this vehicle following the line of the windows. It has not covered any for the interior to receive as much natural light as possible. The structures created are always below the line of the windows.

From school bus to home 4

It has used panels of light wood to cover the interior of the bus and the parquet has been the chosen option to cover the floor. He has used the floor of an old gym for this.

From school bus to housing 5

There are many shelves, cabinets and nooks where you can store everything that the inhabitant of this mobile home needs when traveling with it. An interesting project that we hope will help this young entrepreneur to become a great architect.

Photos: home-designing.com

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