A rustic kitchen with vintage elements

The mixture of rustic elements with vintage It usually gives rise to such flattering decorations as the one we are dealing with today, a charming kitchen that, by its organization, bears a certain resemblance to a small French bistro. It is a kitchen decorated entirely in white with vintage elements and some other typical shabby style, very close to the rustic nature.

Rustic and vintage kitchen 1

The novelty in this occasion is that of the chromatism used: to the luminosity of the White color the neutrality of the stainless steel gray (in your appliances and accessories). In addition, we must highlight certain touches of green and yellow that are imposed on this attractive showcase, bright and spacious as seen in the images.

Rustic and vintage kitchen 2

Rustic and vintage kitchen 3

In addition to the outstanding use of white in furniture (modular furniture), we must talk about the contributions of the marble that cover the walls, a detail that hits right, getting a pretty clean and elegant scene.

Rustic and vintage kitchen 4

The vintage contributions can be seen in small cupboards with worn appearance, relics that undoubtedly favor a lot. There is in them, as we said before, a certain air of the most traditional shabby, that of the country houses. And another detail, that of the large windows that surround this kitchen, turning it into a place immersed during the day in natural light: unbeatable, a pure luxury.

Rustic and vintage kitchen 5

Photos: skonahem.com

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