A room for two small

That two brothers sleep in the same room is not so terrible, on the contrary. At least when they are small, the little ones sleep together is a way for them to overcome their own fears and also a way to socialize. Children learn to share and the union between siblings becomes stronger. This bedroom that we present is designed so that two children can sleep in the same room and in a very comfortable way.

Room for two children 1

A low bed for the older brother and the crib for the smaller one. Put both furniture together, so that the kids do not feel alone. The lower part of the walls has been painted in black and the upper part and the ceiling in white. The contrast is very decorative and tremendously practical, children will not leave their traces so easily in white paint.

Room for two children 2

On this neutral base all kinds of complements and decorations have been placed in bright colors to add vitality and contrast.

Room for two children 3

It is important in a child's room to foresee all storage needs, so do not see when there are two children who inhabit that room. It is basic and fundamental to maintain the order and for this we will have to raise awareness from good guys to collaborate in good order and collecting the toys they use.

Room for two children 4

The complements as pillows, blankets and bedding are in tune with the furniture and colors of the room. You can create a beautiful set without falling into commercial infantilisms.

Room for two children 5

A children's room with style and very practical because one aspect does not exclude the other. Light, space and comfort for a child's room with two guests.

Photos: kidsomania.com

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