A room for girls designed to play

Delicate, romantic and designed to play. A room for girls with a decoration that can conquer even the not so small.

room for girls designed to play1

In house corner of this room spaces have been planned to perfection. Place to rest, to play, to hang your favorite drawings, to share with friends and especially for their dolls.
It is romantic and simple. Great importance has been given to natural lighting and to protect the walls of the children's games, the lower part of a family color of pink has been painted, strong and resistant, keeping for the rest of the room as well as for the ceiling the snow white color.
In one of the corners, an unusual dollhouse has been designed on the wall. In fact, many of the toys and furniture in this room have been specially manufactured. But the dollhouse is the one that definitely attracts the most attention.

room for girls designed to play2

In another of the walls there is a space to hang the drawings that the little one is doing every day, allowing her to have her favorite creations in view. And since your friends can not be relegated, there is a specially designed space for you to share with them ...
It is undoubtedly very tender, functional and modern!

room for girls designed to play3

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