A romantic table for Valentine's Day

The day of Valentine's Day It usually has its climax in the celebration of dinner. Hence the great importance of the decoration of the table for this holiday. Below we will see a few ideas that will help us in the mission of making ours a romantic table for Valentine's Day.


Our table must be a reflection of ourselves, only that way any decoration has value. We can be conventional or transgressors but above all the decoration of the table for this day must convey love and affection.



The pink and red are colors that can not miss on the table of Valentine's Day. Love, romance, passion are symbolized by these two colors.



But this does not mean that we do not give entry to other colors that balance the previous two. Black is always an elegant color that combines with the two main colors. In addition we can opt for unusual shades of pink and red to create more original decorations.


The decoration of the table for this holiday can be as complex or as simple as we want. Our personal taste, the time we have and the budget will be our guide.



The style will be marked equally for the conditions described above but also for the style of the dining room. It is a rule to be respected in any occasion, the decoration of the table should be a good complement to the decoration of the surrounding space.





The decoration will also depend on the formality we want to give the event, the number of guests, the space and material we have, cutlery, crockery, glassware and others.




Flowers and candles are ornaments that always look good on a table decorated for a romantic dinner. They are a classic, it is true, but you can always give them a new air by treating them from another point of view.



There are many ideas to decorate your table for Valentine's Day dinner. It's just a matter of seeing those that match your way of being and your style so that you get your personal decoration.


The original floral heart that decorates the table above as well as the beautiful center with branches and hearts that decorate the table in the lower image are proposed with a playful and contemporary feel that are very easy to develop.


And sometimes you only need a small detail, a single tablecloth or an underplate with decoration related to the occasion, to create the necessary atmosphere. The rest, love, passion and affection will be put by the protagonists.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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