A rocking chair of the new era

Do not let the traditional look of this rocking chair fool you, the iRock has been developed especially by Micasa Lab to adapt to all modern needs. By using a generator mounted under the rocking chair, the iRock It is able to take advantage of the kinetic energy generated by the balancing and use it to recharge a tablet or a cell phone. The transformation of energy is the real challenge of the future, so after a chemical reaction we will transform the calories that we have ingested with food into mechanical energy that will move the rocking chair. The iRock transform that kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge our favorite electronic gadgets.

The rocking chair iRock 1

The design is inspired by the old rocking chairs, now fashionable. But the similarities stop here since the iRock It is equipped with toothed pulleys that move a small generator that in turn recharges the battery when the tablet or phone is not mounted. If the devices are installed, the energy will go directly to their respective batteries. The iRock comes with an application that will track the movement of the rocking chair and is able to reproduce real sounds from eight types of old rocking chairs. The iRock It also has two speakers built into the upper part of the backrest, so while we throw a little noise induced by the gentle swing we can hear the music of our devices connected to the rocking chair.

The iRock 3 rocking chair

The iRock 2 rocking chair

The iRock 4 rocking chair

The rocking chair is made by hand with Swedish pine wood and will be sold in five different colors. The launch of this curious rocking chair is scheduled for the spring of 2014.

Photos: freshome.com

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