A revolving bookcase

The shelf UnWaste is the result of collaboration between the architect Ben Milbourne (Bild Architecture), the eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu (Innovadores Eco) and design furniture specialist David Waterworth (Against the Grain). It was the solution to the proposal of the owner of this warehouse transformed into a house located in Melbourne. The idea was to separate the environment into two rooms, one for sleeping and the other for daytime living, but in a way that could be shared storage space and at the same time allowed to ventilate and let the light from the outside to the bedroom.

Revolving bookcase 1

The solution inspired by James Bond implies the development of a rotating library , 4.6 meters high by 3.8 meters wide, which allows you to store books and access them from either side and maximize the flow of air and light when necessary by simply pushing on the corner of a block of shelves. Reducing the possible impact on the environment is paramount in this project.

Revolving bookcase 2

The conventional "virgin" MDF, wood or melamine were not materials with which to make the bookstore because of its environmental impact, which led to a stalemate that threatened to derail the project. The solution came through collaboration with David Waterworth which is specialized in the use of recovered and recycled materials in their designs.

Revolving bookcase 3

The wood that David proposed to use is recovered from the fences of construction sites. The wood was sealed with natural beeswax and its natural appearance was conserved, which includes remains of posters, graffiti and other remains of its previous life.

Revolving bookcase 4

Revolving bookcase 5

Revolving bookcase 6

Thirty sheets of plywood were saved from landfills for this project, which further limits its environmental impact. The bookstore UnWaste demonstrates that innovation is possible thanks to collaboration between disciplines. Only none of the collaborators would have achieved this result but collaborating with each other they managed to develop an innovative project. Demonstrating that it is possible to find an innovative sustainable design solution that is functional, aesthetic and, of course, unique in this case.

Photos: desiretoinspire.net

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