A retro style loft in Paris

This magnificent loft located in Paris, the City of Light, also honors this nickname. As we see in the images, the apartment is surrounded by huge windows, on the sides and on the roof, a luxury that allows a natural lighting and total housing.

Retro decoration 1

Taking advantage of this great source of clarity, the apartment is built with a lovely retro style in which vintage and urban style furniture mix in a very expressive way. There is nuances very different, even industrial , in this dynamic and flirtatious environment.

The room, meanwhile, is a large place where red becomes the main color, but without burdening the environment. There is pop style details and of course, retro details that combine beautifully with furniture that seems to come from any office of the 60s.

Retro decoration 2

The kitchen also benefits from the large amount of light that enters throughout the day. In addition, it is intuited that the views from any angle of the house should be great. The arrangement of furniture and equipment in the kitchen make this space a landscape and spacious. The furniture is metal finish, very consistent with the industrial air of the loft.

In the bathroom, vintage elements abound, like this collection of face and full-length mirrors that rest against the wall. A very expressive detail that contrasts with the nudity of this place in the house.

Retro decoration 3

Also this dining room is charming thanks to its retro-industrial style, following the taste of the rest of the house. There is a very rich and expressive use of colors, as well as a very genuine use of space: you only have to see how the bedroom was built, in a secret compartment where there is no lack of privacy, space for storage and artistic and personal decoration .

Photos: homedit.com

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