A restaurant in Bucharest with vintage charm

The restaurant BON Bucharest, in the heart of Romania, is an example of how the vintage style It can also be adapted to spaces as unique as the decoration of a restaurant. The architect who designed it, the Romanian Cristian Corvin , has known how to use the advantages of this style to create a surprising interior that enriches the environment with each of its nuances.

Vintage style restaurant 1

The walls have been decorated with doors and shutters of disused windows . A premeditated vintage touch that enhances the space of this restaurant with a charm that goes beyond the merely rustic. The beauty of the classic and the industrial design merge very calmly, creating a very cozy atmosphere.

Vintage style restaurant 2

Everything is very careful, from the wooden tables with three-tone stools (light wood, brown and dark wood) to the exhibitors with the wine bottles of the letter. One of the strong points of the place is this outdoor patio of great beauty and expressiveness, the best environment to celebrate romantic dinners:

Vintage style restaurant 3

The lighting of the premises is provided by some industrial style pendant lamps . There is something between the nineteenth century and very coquettish in the final recreated environment, with a palette of neutral and soft colors that gradually increases.

Vintage style restaurant 4

Vintage style restaurant 5

The beige, gray and salmon tones they alternate calmly with the blue chosen for the backrest of the seats, in addition to a slight red touch in some points that transmits a lot of energy to the decoration. In short, an inspired decoration that makes this place a must see.

Vintage style restaurant 6

Photos: corvincristian.com

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