A residential complex in Verona

Just seven minutes by car from the historic center of Verona, Italy, this residential complex rises. The project has been carried out by the Veronese architect Alberto Apostoli that has designed a residential complex in which the houses and the environment are completely interrelated.

A house in Verona 1

In the Santa Caterina residential area the space between the houses has been treated with great care and affection, a network of wide paved roads and multiple patches of grass and garden make up a communicative network between all the houses of the complex.

A house in Verona 2

A house in Verona 3

A house in Verona 4

A house in Verona 5

The basic form of houses it is the cube in order to achieve a maximum use of the interior space while being reflected in the grid structure of the roads and gardens. Although the geometry may seem at first somewhat disordered by the addition of cubes and eaves that protrude from the basic cubic structure the overall feeling is of a strict and orderly invoice.

A house in Verona 6

A house in Verona 7

A house in Verona 8

The houses have an important energetic autonomy, they are equipped with solar panels and electric generators with the purpose of reducing notably the energy dependence of the exterior. They are sustainable houses located in a quiet environment and designed with precision to facilitate the life of its inhabitants.

A house in Verona 9

A house in Verona 10

A house in Verona 11

The interior of the houses consists of a ground floor and a floor, also have a basement. The large windows have an external panel system to adjust both the vision and the light input. The interior spaces are spacious and perfectly usable.

A house in Verona 12

A house in Verona 13

A house in Verona 14

Elegant and modern homes made to live. Comfortable and practical but habitable, designed with style so that normal life is not without beauty.

Photos: freshome.com

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