A renovated country house

Today we move to Barcelona, ​​we will enjoy a beautiful cottage which has been completely renovated and whose style of decor chosen has been the modern one. Familiar objects have been conserved and for which their owner has a special affection and in spite of being old they have been combined in perfect balance with the decor .

Renovated Country House

The architect Joan Arnau Farràs of the study of Architecture 05 a.m. is responsible for so beautiful and original decor Let's share each of its details and observe the hundreds of ideas we can apply in our home.
The natural light of the sun, the nature that enters through its windows and the feeling of warmth and tranquility were the main objectives of this reform. Some walls were thrown and amplitude was given to their rooms. Each space has its particular beauty and all without exception are designed to enjoy.
The pure white walls accompanied by the oak floors are the beautiful background for this modern decoration that has incorporated the colors in all its ranges through vivid details.

renovated cottage 2

Renovated country house - Photo 2

The room, all the light, all natural, with a very particular rug of natural cowhide leather, various sofas of modern designs, cushions of colors and varied shapes and modern lamps combined with objects of history.

Renovated country house

Renovated country house - Photo 3

Another view of the room in which stands the coffee table, the fireplace and the gray color that combines with the white walls.

Renovated country house 1

Renovated country house - Photo 4

The room connects with the kitchen. A space not very large, whose spaces have been used to the fullest. The white island stands out along with the lacquered white benches.

Renovated country house 2

Renovated country house - Photo 5

The modern and colorful paintings give life to the walls accompanied by natural light.

Renovated country house 3

Renovated country house - Photo 6

Comfort and easy circulation were the objectives when planning the kitchen. Without adequate space for movement, an island would be a problem. But as you can see in this decoration, the goal is fulfilled. The detail of the support bench in violet color I love it!

Renovated country house 4

Renovated country house - Photo 7

The natural light in the kitchen, together with the nature that can be seen with the naked eye, transform it into the perfect place to share a good meal with friends.

Renovated country house 5

Renovated country house - Picture 8

In the rooms that are on the first floor, it has also been sought that natural light from frame to decoration, and in this case, a gullet-light on the ceiling was the solution. The memories of the youth were placed on a small shelf next to the bed and the quilt and cushions were searched in bright colors combining textures and designs.

Renovated country house 6

Renovated country house - Photo 9

The main room, has its bed head wall in a dark blue color, but combined with the rest of the walls and the ceiling in white does not look absorbent or limits the spaces of the room. The additional private balcony to enjoy nature and the sun in private makes it irresistible for its owners, who can spend their best moments in it.

Renovated country house 7

Renovated country house - Picture 10

In turn, the main room has its own bathroom, where, as in the rest of the house, priority has been given to natural lighting and make the necessary modifications so that each environment of the house can enjoy nature.

Renovated country house 8

Renovated country house - Photo 11

Renovated country house 9

Renovated country house - Photo 12

Taking advantage of its exterior space, a wide and very comfortable gallery has been planned and designed.
The plan of the house so they can analyze the reforms even better.

Renovated country house 10

Renovated country house - Plan of the House

Photos: Freshome

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